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I saw so many shows during Tori Amos’s Plugged and 5.5 Weeks tours. This insane version of “The Waitress” was a staple on both, and was often used as a closer for the main set.

I remember many a show standing (you did not sit during these shows, unless it was “solo piano time”), staring at her, going to this weird, calm, blissed-out place when she’d play this, oftentimes because I was physically and mentally exhausted from a day of travel, standing around in meet & greet lines and general shenanigans with my tour buddies. But, really, this version of this song was just kind of trance-inducing, as bananas and—dare I say, punk—it was.

I miss this very particular Tori.

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I’m seeing The Knife live for the first time in less than two weeks and I’m incredibly excited about that. In anticipation, I’ve been relistening to their entire discography. Deep Cuts and Silent Shout are pretty much perfect records.

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The day after Kurt Cobain died, I walked into my sophomore AP English class to a darkened room, shades drawn. Nirvana was playing on a boom box in the corner of the room. My teacher, Pat Steele—who is, to this day, one of the coolest people I’ve ever met—was a huge Nirvana fan and was really upset about his death. She told us that, instead of having a regular class, we were just going to free write in our journals and listen to Nirvana and then we were just going to talk—about whatever: Nirvana, suicide, life—whatever. It was one of the most affecting days of my high school career.

It’s partially because of Pat that I became a writer.

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1. I’m still really sad that Chrissy Amphlett is no longer with us. 
2. This song is so fucking amazing. 
3. You should really explore the DiVinyls catalogue because they are incredible and SO MUCH MORE than “I Touch Myself.”

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